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Bad vs Good Writing

Good copy can save you from the following afflictions: 

Long-winded sentences

 Before - We are now in the situation of being able to begin more detailed design 

After - We can now begin detailed design

Redundant text

'Approximately 62 per cent...'

'All the participants were over the age of 25.  The ages ranged in age from 25 to 60 . . .'


'I like cooking my family and my pets.'

Less horrifying: I like cooking and spending time with my family and pets


Before - Single-purpose agricultural structures – in this case swine - can generate geographically magnified olfactory stress

After - Pig farms can make a large area smell bad*

Sounding horribly corporate

Before - Cascade this to your people and see what the push-back is

After - Please inform your employees about this and see what they say*


This supposedly excellent school recently became a laughing stock with this typo on their sign: 

*Thanks to Ed Weathers 

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