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Festive Greetings!

How has 2013 treated you?

Have you started a business or taken your existing enterprise to a new level? Have you moved house, had a baby, been anywhere beautiful?

Although merely an invented measure of time to help us plan things and know how old we are (curses!), reviewing each year's myriad colours is an exercise I always relish. Even this year, which saw the passing of two legendary family members way before their time. Such is the tapestry of life.


To welcome or not?

Aside from a personal review: should we move next year? Should I finally join a gym? I also spend time thinking about my business. I particularly like to check I'm up to date on the latest musings on sales writing, adverts and general copy, while collecting and reappraising my own thoughts on these themes. After all, for every opinion, there's usually a counter-opinion. For instance, some website copywriters advise against using the word 'welcome' on the home page, citing that it's a waste of words and space. Obviously, this depends on how big the font is, but as it's only one word it's probably not that much of a space issue. I personally favour the word welcome and feel a warm glow whenever I see it, whether on a hotel website or a doormat. Perhaps I'm being all silly, but I feel welcome. Just as when Americans say, 'Have a nice day!' - even if it's just a verbal tick - I appreciate it.

Splitting such wordy hairs is subjective. To use welcome or not boils down to what tone you wish to convey and whether the majority of your customers/clients/prospects will find it appealing. 


**The number one rule of copy**

In the spirit of festive generosity, I will give you my number one copywriting rule: speak to the heart of your customer. Find out what they truly want and what problems they face in achieving or obtaining it. The late great Mandela knew this:

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
— Nelson Mandela

So how do you do this?

In my free guide I expand on this, but, in short, get to know your customer. Speak to them online, in person or over the phone, peek into forums, liaise on social media or send out questionnaires. Find out what they want and what their problems are and then use your words to say: 'So you have this problem, hey I know what it's like... And here's how my service/product can make life better.' 


Thank You and Merry Christmas!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all my clients and colleagues. I hope you take some well deserved time to relax and reflect on the great work you're doing. I'll be taking Christmas week off (23rd - 29th) and I can't wait! But if you have any questions or would just like to say hi, please comment below or send me an email: writing@elizabethinniss.com. 

Warmest wishes to you and yours,

Elizabeth x


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