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Words that sell

Let me start with a belated, but nonetheless heartfelt -

Happy New Year!! 


I have a good feeling about 2014. The detox is under-way, work is back on track, this January isn't even that cold (although it is rather wet...) so I'm off to a flying (or at least steady walking) start.

And in that spirit, let's talk about something very practical: the words that work best for promoting your products, services and ideas.

How to find the words that work:

1. Start paying attention to what your customers are saying, and how they say it.

You can do this in person at networking events or on the phone, via email or online forums and groups. I'm a member of several online entrepreneurs' groups, full of my ideal clients, and as our conversations are text-based I see the words they use directly. 

Check out what your industry is saying - what phrases will customers be familiar with? 

2. Ask customers questions about their daily challenges, why they buy or are thinking of buying your service, or one like it.

For instance, if you're a holiday organiser you may send out a questionnaire to your clients asking why they love to travel, what it means to them and what challenges they face when trying to organise their next trip.  

3. Collate and categorise that information.

Categories should include pain points/challenges, benefits and FAQ, but can be further broken down into client types - are older clients using certain words compared to younger ones?

4. Make decisions on how you want to use the information.

If you want to attract more of the older clients use the language they employ more often. If you have a website, brochure, social media page or sales pages start modifying the text in line with what you've found. 

5. Test it out. 

If you have an email/newsletter marketer like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor you can conduct tests - such as sending a newsletter out with different titles to see which gets more opens and click-throughs. Use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic and customer behaviour. 

Words that sell

To get the very best words, specifically tailored for your ideal clients, follow the instructions above. However, I know you're busy. So here are a few words that have earned their chops by selling no matter the audience:

You / Your / Yours / Free / Bonus / No risk / Save / Win / Guarantee / Guaranteed to / Urgent / Last chance / New / Sale / Now / Instant / Only / More / Best / Proven / Exclusive / Secret / Value / Effortless / Step-by-step / Fast / Quick / Easy / Introducing / Best-selling / Recommended by / As seen in / Effective / Powerful /  Tested

Chest of gold.jpg

WARNING: the above should only be used truthfully and ethically. For instance, when you guarantee something provide a true money-back offer and don't use 'Last chance to buy!' if you then advertise the product again the next week. Aside from the legal implications of false advertising, bad word of mouth reviews are the kiss of death to any business. 

There have been many books written on this subject including Words That Sell by Richard Bayan. I'm not an afilliate of his, but I've leafed through this little gem many times and found it very useful. 

Whichever words you use, remember your customer and your brand (you).

To your skilful and successful wordsmithery in 2014! 

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