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Local SEO

I wrote a post about SEO back in July which focused on the importance of writing great content. I got some great feedback from my lovely readers (thank you!) and my online pal Michael Ofei wisely said, 'Great post! Having said that, there is a place for SEO strategy if you're running a local business.' 

So I went and talked to some SEO experts on the matter. While they agreed with my focus on great content (phew!) they told me about the importance of local SEO to increase rankings in a geographical area. For those with premises or customer-facing roles this is crucial, but it’s also good for us online biz folk too.

So, it’s my pleasure to introduce a guest post from the lovely folk at Kimberley-Jane Design  (my fellow finalists in the Venus Awards I might add) about going local...

 Local bar in Capurgana, Colombia

Local bar in Capurgana, Colombia


There are hundreds of thousands of companies on the web today and rising to the top of them all can seem (and can be) an impossible feat. But research shows only 25% of ‘Googlers’ search beyond page 1, so it’s certainly important to be as high as possible in the rankings.

One way of solving this issue is by simplifying your SEO and going LOCAL.

By focusing your SEO on your location it’s much easier to rise above the competition and become a top ranker in Google (and other search engines) for those searching using your geographical location. Why? Your location is naturally finite, they’ll be fewer people competing and so you'll be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. 

How to go local

Add geographic key words to your:

  • posts
  • content
  • meta description
  • and (if possible) your web address

Example: Here at Kimberley-Jane Design, our web address is www.graphicdesign-birmingham.co.uk so anyone searching for graphic designers in the Birmingham area will find us higher up on their search list.

Am I abandoning the rest of world?

 The great connectedness 

The great connectedness 

Not at all! By focusing on your locality you are more easily found by those searching for that location, but it won’t stop people finding your business if you’ve paid proper attention to your biz keywords too.

Also, don’t forget you can still advertise, promote and tweet about your business to the whole world.

The world isn’t usually put off by your local keywords. These merely help you obtain a footing in the SEO rankings war and hopefully gain customers from your local area.

Example: Again, our web address- www.graphicdesign-birmingham.co.uk includes Birmingham which is local, but those searching for graphic design in any other area will find us in their search too.

There are many more graphic design companies out there, but using this search term throughout our site (without merely repeating the words over and over, Google doesn’t like that) helps boost our national and international rankings.

Reach the top in your local area

So we know few people venture beyond page one of Google, but by localising your SEO you can push yourself to the top of your sector in your area. It’s a great start and certainly better than no one ever seeing your site…

As your business grows, and by gaining more links to your site from across the web, your SEO grows too. However it takes time to raise your rankings and with so many other companies out there in the world, it can be tough. Localised yet market specific SEO is a simple and effective way to get you on the right path to visible victory!

If you'd like to know more about Kimberley-Jane Design check them out here.

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