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When price doesn't matter

Surely price matters, right? Well, put it this way, if I really really want something I buy it. Sometimes regardless of whether I can really afford it (love you interest-free credit card!). 

How about you? Can you honestly say you'd leave that fabulous in-season nude handbag on the shelf? Or that amazing 'guaranteed to boost your marketing' training? I thought so. The same thing goes for our customers.

And here's what many business owners ignore:

Price can become irrelevant when you communicate effectively, compellingly and clearly how brilliant life will be for your client when they buy your product or service.

Let's break this down further...

People are NOT buying your product or service, they're buying what that product or service can do for them. So don't get bogged down with describing all the details (process/features) and focus instead on those wonderful outcomes (benefits). 

About products

It can be easier to sell the results of products over services e.g. we know that a new battery will power our appliance, whereas the results of coaching can be less tangible and not understood or felt until further down the line. However, if your product isn't original (or has no USP) price could become an issue if your main competitor is selling the same thing. A way around this would be to compete on customer service, or add value by throwing in something extra.

Service-based examples:

Fitness instructor - literally no one wants to be made to jump up and down and sweat (process/features) but everyone wants to look toned and youthful and feel energised (benefits).

Coaching - people don't really want to be told what to do or be held accountable (process/features), but they do want to sound off about their business challenges, save time, make more money and solve problems so they can enjoy their work and feel happier (benefits, benefits, benefits). 

Stylist - the customer isn't interested in wearing pieces of fabric that complement their skin tone (process/service), however they are very interested in feeling comfortable, getting an ego boost from looking good and potentially attracting a new job/love interest (that's right, benefits).

What's in it for me?

Whatever your business, imagine that the customer is always thinking, 'What's in it for me?'. Tell them what a great product or service you have in your copy, focus on those outcomes and keep teasing out those benefits - don't be afraid to go deep! It's the heart that makes those purchasing decisions after all.

Providing you believe in your offer and it solves very real problems (ego-based or otherwise) price really will become irrelevant.

Elizabeth x

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