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Copy Review

Are Your Words Working for You?


You've spent days, weeks, maybe even a few months (it absolutely happens) trying to write the perfect words. Words that are supposed to showcase your brand, sell your product. Words that everyone will see.

The pressure's on and you've tied yourself in knots. Your poor brain's gone a bit foggy.

Now you're beginning to doubt if your writing is good enough, whether it truly captures what you want to say and if you'll EVER have the perfect pitch...

How about a fresh pair of (expert) eyes?

Wouldn't it be great if someone could take a look at your words and let you know where they're strong and where they need a bit more oomph?

And wouldn't it be amazing if, say, an expert in the field of copywriting (who's made her clients over £6 million and, even more importantly, made them sound cool) could make sure your words go from a respectable 7 out of 10 to a wowzer, client-grabbing 10 out of 10?

You know where I'm going with this...

Stop the struggle.

Let go of your words and give them to me to review and I promise I will make them better. But don't just take my word for it: 


'My daily conversions doubled!'

Elizabeth gave me specific, actionable advice that provided immediate results. In the first week following her suggested changes my daily conversions doubled. My message is more clear to my potential clients and it shows!

The way Elizabeth presents the feedback is really helpful: kind, non-threatening, and reflective of a true desire to help. 

Carrie Brummer Artist and Director ArtistThink





'No judgement and the advice was absolutely fantastic!'

I worked with Elizabeth to review the first draft copy for my new website, and the advice I received was absolutely fantastic!

I love the style in which Elizabeth works. I received a personalised service from beginning to end, and I found her to be personable and totally invested in my brand and making my copy stand out. There was no judgement on my first draft copy, and she quickly showed me how to make the words pop and resonate with my ideal customer.

Elizabeth is definitely my go-to girl for copy from now on! 

Jo Sweeney The Life Restylist 



Why your words need to be amazing

Web wanderers are easily distracted. There are baby pandas going down slides on YouTube, the latest holiday/wedding/baby photos of friends and family on Facebook and the clamour of many, many other people trying to sell them stuff.

You only have a few seconds to capture the hearts and minds of these wanderers. And capture them you must if you actually want to sell your wares and make your business thrive. 

The words you use have to be great. Don't make the mistake of thinking people won't read them. Even the most wonderful things need explaining. Especially when it comes to parting people from their hard-earned cash.

Selling is an art. And it's largely a conversation. 

What happens when you get it right

Take a moment (from watching baby pandas on YouTube) to imagine what life would be like if you sold more of your favourite product or service...

Would you feel amazing doing something you enjoy? Would the financial boost mean you could become selective about your other work, or take some time off (for a change)? Or could it mean an investment into the business, so you can hire that kick-ass web designer or marketing team, or have those professional shots done?

How I can help

I can:

  • ensure your words move your ideal clients to buy from you
  • help you to properly describe yourself and avoid any under-selling (we all do this!)
  • bring out your unique message meaning you stand out from the crowd
  • pull out the true benefits of your product and service 
  • help you make more money 

Send me the link to your website, about page, sales page - whatever is making you doubt your sanity.

I'll go over it with my copywriterly eyes and brain (a combo which has helped my clients earn over £6 million, yep, it's worth repeating, in selling out events, products and services). I've also helped them reduce their website bounce rates, increase subscriber numbers and get noticed - above their competitors - by ensuring their unique wondrousness, and the value of their services, shines.

'Tons of helpful ideas and inspiration!'

Elizabeth gave me confidence in my own abilities and reconfirmed areas I was unsure about. She gave me tons of helpful ideas and inspiration to enhance the benefits of my services to my clients.

Seriously, if you're like me and have changed the wording on your website a thousand times already and you're still not happy with it, go speak to her!' She's helped me get so much clearer on how to make my copy as swoon-worthy as my photos.

                                                                                                                  Ruth Ridgeway Director The Lifestyle Designers Club



'I'm inspired to jump straight in with the changes.'

I’ve just watched the video and it’s so helpful! It’s a great insight into how the website is perceived - and it’s incredibly valuable to have an expert’s point of view.

Your passion for good copy shines through and you've given some excellent suggestions, inspiring me to jump straight in with the changes. Thank you so much! 

                                                                                                          Kimberley-Jane Leary Managing Director Kimberley-Jane Design

What you get

  • A video of me, well, my voice (which alone is worth the fee - described, accurately, as 'British and foxy' by one client) as I go over your pages and delve into your online words
  • A warm and loving appraisal, with tips on how to make your words sing and ideas on how you could transform any 'meh' parts to bloomin' marvellous ones. Don't worry, I promise I'm not like that old English teacher you weren't fond of. I'll point out your typos with my eagle eyes, but there'll be no red pen or waving fingers
  • Choose from an in-depth review of one page e.g. your sales page or about page OR up to five pages of your website 

Plus... a FREE BONUS!

You'll get special freebie: a bonus PDF which includes my top tips - tailored for you - for better visibility and marketing.

Yep, the value is immense, but I've made this as affordable as possible.

I know hiring a copywriter is a big deal and not every business owner can afford one.

This way you SAVE money because you can make the changes yourself, while still benefiting from my stupendous copy skills.

Do you want to -  FINALLY - feel relaxed and confident with your words? Do you want to sell your products and services to your ideal clients? And do you want to sound immensely cool?

Get me looking at your words!

Once you've made your choice (below) and paid your moulah, I'll send you a few questions. Then I'll give you every expert tip you need to make your page amazing.

Pick one of the options below:

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I can't wait to see your words - let's get them singing from the digital page!

Elizabeth x

P.S. Please note you must be able to view videos (mp4, Youtube or other). I upload to YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox.