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Are you tired of reading the same material over and over? 

Is the text becoming too familiar to objectively edit? 

Or are you considering having your work reviewed to ensure it reads its very best? 


Your closeness to your work means your brain often interprets what it expects to read, not what is actually there. This is perfectly normal. It takes 'fresh eyes' to ensure your work is impeccable, and preferably a qualified and well practised pair. 

Error-free, flowing text is vital for your marketing, website or manuscript to be taken seriously. It can even help you earn more money, after all who wants to buy a product from a website or sales page rife with typos and miscommunication? It takes time to edit word by word, but you've got other things to do.

Would you like me to take a look? 

I will conduct several reviews of your work, from a thorough sweep for grammatical errors to a deeper level of editing to ensure you're communicating your message effectively for your reader (or listener) and in a consistent voice. It will be your words, but they will sing.

Why me? 

I've worked discreetly for the writers of popular blogs to ensure their voices are heard (or read) loud and clear, not stifled by spelling mistakes or disjointed language. I've also proof-read and edited chapters for authors, screenplays for film and TV, reports and course content.

My success stories include editing material for a child occupational therapy programme which subsequently became the first of its kind to be endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists, and script-editing for a client whose screenplays were then approved and aired on BBC One to an audience of millions. 

I can turn my hand to a wide range of formats, but my specialities are:

  • Website content - see my review service here
  • Non-fiction books
  • Fiction short stories
  • Screenplays
  • Bid applications

If you would like to sound great, stand out and sell more click here and contact me for a quote. 

Great job, exactly what I wanted, thank you!
— K. Achara, Founder of Clone Resistance

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