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Sales Pages

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You've spent weeks, possibly months, working hard to create an amazing product or service for your business. As such, it has a high value compared to other items you're selling. You know it works and you want people to discover it and, most importantly, buy it.


  • VIP programmes (coaching, branding, personal)
  • Video production
  • High-end website design
  • Luxury home furnishing
  • Retreats
  • Events
  • Specialist training

It could also be a longer-term investment such as a subscription to a membership service, or an item that would give you a great passive income such as an information product.

You know that if you sold more of your high-ticket item your business would thrive. With the financial boost you could become selective about your work, doing what you really enjoy; take some time off (for a change); or invest back into the business, taking it to a new level.


Parting people from their hard-earned money is challenging enough on lower priced items, so how do you entice them to buy your high-ticket offering?

You need a dazzling sales page - and a way to get it noticed.

Whether on your website, or as a separate online page, a sales page is a tried and tested, powerful tool for selling bigger ticket items.

Customers need sufficient information to part with their money so you need to take the time to identify with them, outline their problem and how your offering solves it. It's vital you connect with your customer and tap into their emotions using the correct language. Sales letters give you sufficient time and space to do this.

Testing has consistently shown longer copy will virtually always outsell short copy. 

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I can write a sales page that focuses on your clients’ needs and shows how your offering meets those needs in a very compelling way. Essentially your prospects, and customers, will be inspired to buy from you, rather than feel ‘sold’ to.

I've helped sell out events which then led to further, even higher cost, purchases along the line. My sales pages have also helped to consistently increase my clients' income month on month through the sale of their VIP programmes and subscriptions.

Recently, I wrote the sales campaign materials for an overseas client. This included emails, a sign-up page and a sales page. They earned over £10k for their event and a further £40k at the event.

Marketing and visibility


The very best sales pages will fail if no one knows about them so if you don’t have a marketing plan my team help you devise one. This includes leveraging your list and using social media and effective email marketing. Depending on what you need we can tailor a plan to suit.



If you have a great product, a list and a sales page you WILL make a lot more money.

Indeed some elements must be tested, but a sales campaign is ultimately very measurable so you can see how it's working for you.

I offer a very competitive service in that you pay part of the fee for copywriting and consultancy, but you only pay the remainder based on results. If you don't get the results you wanted you don't pay the rest of the fee!

I hired Elizabeth to write copy for my first Triple Your Income event. This included a sales page on my website and direct mail. Elizabeth moulded the text to my specifications and house style. The event was a complete success and sold out very quickly!
— Fiona Harrold, Director and Coach of Fiona Harrold Consultancy

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