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Did you know that videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined?

Now why would a copywriter tell you that?

Well, videos still need words, my friend:

  • Describing the action for your animator or director
  • A voice-over for your story
  • On-screen text
  • Dialogue for the presenter/actor

So, yes, words are still pretty vital for getting your message across and engaging your audience.

Plus, how are your viewers going to know what to do next without a compelling call to action? 

When it's done well, video can get you wonderful exposure and even fame - all very effective at increasing engagement and, of course, more profit.

I was short-listed in a BBC scriptwriting competition not so long ago. Since then I've worked as a scriptwriter and editor for award-winning filmmakers, entrepreneurs and charities, helping them create great corporate and third sector videos and TV scripts.

My services include:

  • Creative concepts
  • Script editing
  • Script writing

If you'd like to discuss your next project contact me today. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Working with Elizabeth was a joy, she was creative, flexible and, above all, did a great job. It was a collaboration rather than just a transactional relationship. Elizabeth helped us turn our idea into a well-structured script that brought the characters and their journey to life on paper.
— Be Inspired Films

And if you have a few minutes, here are some of my scripts in action:

Educational Video / Drama Script

Be Inspired Films for Derbyshire Council/Nesta

I'm really proud to have written the script for this film. It's based on the testimonies of real people who've gone through the care system as children. It shows that adults can emerge from their troubled past as healthy, productive individuals with the right support.

Corporate Video Script

Sales-i and Rapidpics

Working with Rapidpics, I wrote the script for this fun, corporate pre-training video. 

Corporate Video Script

Hidden Door and BMJ

Working with Hidden Door, I wrote the script for this sales video. 

Elizabeth writes with control and understanding of story, impressive in her clear grasp of the format. Her approach is confident and direct - a writer worth noting.
— BBC Writersroom