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Website Copywriting

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Your website is your shop window.

Perhaps it's even your whole shop. Either way, your website is often the first experience a customer has of your company and it needs to be a great one.

As you're not there in person to give your visitors the grand tour, your website must do it for you. This means you need superb functionality, attractive images and engaging, get-under-the-skin WORDS.

Words are the key to tying your website together

Words form the vital conversation your virtual self, or your company, has with your online visitor. And yet, because they're not as bright and pretty as the website design, this crucial element gets overlooked or squashed into the text boxes at the last minute.

I've had a number of new clients come to me wondering why their website hasn't brought in any sales or sign-ups. One look at their content usually tells me all I need to know.

When done well, great website content can entertain, persuade and educate. Even more importantly (in terms of business survival), it can increase subscribers and boost sales, as well as play a part in strengthening your site's SEO. 

What savvy business person doesn't want that?


'I couldn't believe how it was exactly how I wanted to sound!'

Copywriting has always been a struggle for me in terms of really getting across the message that I want. I often have lots of things in my head and can’t seem to put them down on paper. I can honestly say, Elizabeth, when I read the copy you produced I couldn't believe how it was exactly how I wanted it to come across. The way you listened about all the things I wanted to include and how you brought it all together was amazing and shows exactly why you do what you do! 

I’m so so pleased with it and extremely excited for the site and blog to go live! Thank you so much.

Aine Gallagher, Director of Sana Vita Health Club

I've crafted the content for many websites from child therapy and personal training to printing and signage. If you'd like to see samples check out my portfolio.  If you'd like to see my original work simply send me a message here.

If you like what you read, I offer three levels of service: review, revamp, or create (from scratch). This can apply to your whole website or specific pages. 

Following my review and revamp services my clients reported: 

  • Bounce rate reduced by 50%
  • 10-45% increased engagement - sign ups, likes, visits
  • 10-25% increase in sales
  • Better quality customers

They all got their money back (and more) in sales and outcomes.  


'My daily conversions doubled!'

Elizabeth gave me specific, actionable advice that provided immediate results. In the first week following her suggested changes my daily conversions doubled. My message is more clear to my potential clients and it shows!

The way Elizabeth presents the feedback is really helpful: kind, non-threatening, and reflective of a true desire to help. 

Carrie Brummer Artist and Director ArtistThink


Is your current website attracting your ideal clients and making enough sales? Does it effectively communicate your brand and show the benefits of your products clearly? If not, I can identify what's not working and provide expert suggestions on how to boost your site's earning potential.


If you have a great product, website design and marketing plan, but your site still isn't making enough money, or if it gets a lot traffic but has a high bounce rate, your copy may need a professional overhaul. Building on the Review service, the Revamp saves you time and effort by engaging my copyediting services. I will edit and/or re-write your existing website content ensuring the words work harder and smarter for your business.


If you don't have a website, or want to scrap your old one, this complete website content creation package is the solution. I will work with you to create ALL your website copy from home page to contact page, and everything in between. 


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'We now stand out from our competitors...'

We approached Elizabeth after receiving a glowing word of mouth recommendation and we weren't disappointed! She helped us with our website re-launch by writing and editing our website copy and two blog posts. We have a unique style, but weren't really showing it in our words so Elizabeth brought out our brand voice. The result is we now stand out from our competitors, sound more like us and have clear, engaging copy for our customers. 

Michelle Henry, Director at HNS Signs

Would you like to sound great, stand out and sell more?