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What is copywriting and why do you need it? 

Copywriting is writing that persuades people to take action.

It's just a shorter way of saying 'persuasive writing for sales and marketing'. Good copywriting leads or inspires people to buy things, but it is simply writing. 

Copywriting ties all your marketing together. It creates a strong brand, communicates your message and explains what you're offering with a strong focus on the benefits.

The words have to be good. Don't make the mistake of thinking people won't read them, particularly if you believe they'll immediately see your product and fall in love with it. Of course this can happen, but even the most beautiful things often need explaining. Especially when it comes to parting people from their hard-earned cash.

Get it right and you stand out from the crowd and increase your profits.



Why you need it

Imagine for a moment you're at a party or networking event. A smartly dressed man (or woman) approaches. You're excited, intrigued about what they'll say. You expect warmth... but get an obnoxious, self-serving pitch. They go and on about themselves,wrongly assume things about you and use jargon that makes you feel stupid. 

Would you stick around? 

This principle is the same for all the words we put out into the world, whether recorded or written. People will click that back button or throw away that mail-out if they don't like what you have to say.


You need to talk to people to sell to them and the way you talk matters. 

Your words, whether on your website or on the pages of a brochure, represent you so it's vital to make a great first impression. Although you’re not there in person, your visitor expects the same level of professionalism and reassurance. You need to 'be' there in the words and images you choose. A warm and engaging reception ensures they'll take the time to find out more.

Chances are good they’re also looking at your competitors’ websites before they make that all-important purchase. Will they buy from you or them?

Copywriting can pique a reader's (or listener's) interest, which is important when there are so many other distractions. It can then engage them and align with their own personal fears and desires (if you've done your research) and persuade them your solution to their problem is the right one.

Why hire a copywriter? 

Too many businesses get their words wrong: typos, grammar errors, miscommunication, wrong tone and stiff or dry copy (click here for some examples). They don’t have the time, knowledge or skill to put it right and don’t even realise they're losing money in the process.

It isn't just the language geeks who hate bad writing, your clients do too. If you're trying to look expert and professional but use corporate jargon, take ages to get to your point or miss typos you will succeed only in looking the opposite.

9 reasons to hire a copywriter:

She can...

  • transform your words so they reach the hearts and minds of your audience and move them to take action
  • take the burden of writing from you and save you a lot of time
  • ensure your communication is appropriate for your ideal clients, error-free, persuasive and clear
  • make you more money in the long-run by writing words that make more people buy from you
  • write objectively and sing your praises. You may feel uncomfortable about describing yourself and under-sell what you can do
  • help you see the wood for the trees. If you're close to a project you may not be seeing it from a customer’s point of view and assume they understand, leaving out key explanations
  • help you stand out from the crowd, bringing out your unique message
  • ensure your words flow, sound authentic and expert, and reflect your business brand or personality
  • focus on the true benefits of your product and service and save you valuable time so you can do the things you really want to do

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We were impressed straight away at Elizabeth’s undertaking of the ethos of the organisation and the supportive professional manner that she has completed work for us. We’ve immediately seen the benefits.
— Mark Peters, Company Director at Start Again Project

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